Below and to the left, you’ll find a list of video topics. Click on any one, and a number of videos will appear to the right of that column. Click on the text of the video title, and a new browser window will give you a larger view. There’s a lot here! Enjoy yourself.

The Enemy Within:

Have you ever thought, “I am my own worst enemy”? Give 6 minutes to find out why that’s not true, as well as how to counteract the hidden saboteur, which suggests it’s so.

That’s Really Good:

Got 2 minutes? If you’re experiencing disillusionment and doubt, here’s a quick and encouraging, true pick-me-up. Watch for the visitor toward the end. 🙂

How to Abide In Christ:

Got 4 minutes? There’s a lot that makes us feel insecure with God, and that causes us to worry. But what if we’re better off than we think? Might life be easier if so?

Never Beggars:

If you ever fall prey to thinking that you’ve got to get yourself together in order to receive something from God (as I sometimes do), then this video is for you. Give 6.5 minutes to find out what God likes and why that makes life a lot easier and better for you.

Stop Right There:

Take 5 minutes for one of the most important questions you must answer. Your life depends upon it.

Does God Need Commandments:

What role do commandments play in your life? How do they fit with God? Give 2 minutes to see a tremendously important missing ingredient to the life of God. It’s better than you think.

A Quality Struggle:

If your struggles, sometimes ugly and unbearable, identify you as a loser, you’ll enjoy this brief, 4.5 minute, message.

How to Help People Breathe:

Got 3 minutes? If you’ve ever had difficulty breathing because of stress or fear, here’s some help with the oxygen you need.

The Ultimate Eureka:

Is there something that makes navigating the dangers and confusion of love worth it? Give 4.5 minutes, and see if your heart doesn’t recognize the destination we’re seeking.