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The Ultimate Eureka:

Is there something that makes navigating the dangers and confusion of love worth it? Give 4.5 minutes, and see if your heart doesn’t recognize the destination we’re seeking.

What Drives You Crazy?:

Got 3 minutes? There are a lot of things that drive us crazy, I know. But what if you asked, “Father, what drives me crazy?” What do you suppose He’d say?

Pancake People:

Have you got 5 minutes? I’d like to talk with you about something that’s bothering me, something that’s hurting us, and how to grow out of it.

Jesus & Your Starting Point:

What goes on in your head at the start of the day? Mine thoughts can be crazy. Here’s what Jesus thinks is your everyday starting point, and why that effects you so much.

Suffering Isn’t for You:

Suffering. It happens to us all. Only in Jesus are the benefits of suffering out of this world—and for this world. Give 10 minutes to this video and find the best of life in suffering. (By the way, as it is with most everything I write/video, this is about knowing Jesus, the greatest resource and delight of my life.)

Escaping the Captive Maker:

We’re having an ugly fight here in the U.S. Here is my 9 minute commentary about what’s happening to people caught in the heat of argument, and how they can thrive in it—by design.

If I Could Only Change:

“Change.” We talk a lot about it and put great effort into it. But what if we’ve missed something, what if God thinks one thing about “change” and we think something else? Take 6.5 minutes to get rid of the fear that “I had better change, or else!”

Finding Superman:

Got 4 minutes? “If I’m so special to God, then why do I feel like a Super Loser instead of a Super Hero? What’s making me weak and miserable?” Have a look at this.

Life By Jesus:

Have you wondered what might be keeping you from enjoying life as a Christian? Give 3 minutes to this video and see if it doesn’t boost your, “I actually like being a Christian” factor way up.