Pop Quiz: If you are a new-natured, son or daughter of God (for real, no kidding), if you are in Christ at this very moment (and He’s happy about that), if He lives in you (all comfy and everything in His perfect new home), and if you are His righteousness (He can’t make you any more righteous than He already has), then are you your own worst enemy? Not according to Him. No. You can’t be. Sorry. It’s not in your skill set, it’s not part of your resume, and you don’t have a big trophy on your mantle celebrating your own worst enemy-ishness.

Let me say it this way: Angels are not gathered ‘round the big screen to watch you star in a heavenly episode of God’s, “The Taming of the Screwball”! Screwball thoughts do not make you a screwball. Idiot behavior does not make you an idiot. You might think like a screwball, you might act like an idiot, but you, yourself are neither of those things. You might do something you regret, you might fail to do something you wish you had, but you are no enemy of yourself. Heaven knows! Heck, ask God; “Father, am I my own worst enemy? Am I screwball after all?” You’re not going to hear Him agree with you. It’s not in His Bible. He knows it’s not true.

“I am my own worst enemy” is a worldly explanation for those who haven’t yet been changed and indwelt by God. But you have, so it’s a lie. You know what to do with lies—Dump it! Get rid of it. You don’t have to overcome any of that screwball-ishness or idiot-ness because it’s not you. You’re something entirely different and fantastic, just as God intended.

Start with the truth about you—God’s truth. Ask Him who you are, read all about it in the New Testament, and get used to living by faith in Him. Then you’ll know who you are.

That’s your starting point.

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