If it feels like you’re laboring to get your life right and to get God’s big thumbs up, earning His approval, then remember that He does not invite you to work but to rest. You’re His work, His workmanship, and you’re not obligated to God, as though grace created debt. That would mean you’ve got to pay Him back by earning your keep, which earns His work. That’s a wage, not a gift, and God has nothing to do with that. Grace pays debt! Always. Every time.

Besides, if you fail at even one point to earn something from God, let alone a thumbs up from Him, that’s sin. And what are the wages of sin? I bet you know, but you’re not meant for that. He is done with all of that, and so are you! Get out of there. You don’t want wages, so come back to free. That’s what He likes, too.

Trust that the gift of God is received and enjoyed through believing He has given everything to you in Christ for free. He has rigged it! (See Romans 4.) Aren’t you glad? He loves it when we simply believe that He gave it all—everything we need for life and godliness (Ephesians 1:3; 2 Peter 1:3,4)—and we find rest as a result.

You and I can live from there. That’s the plan.

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