Think about this. As Romans 6 tells us, a believer has been put into Jesus and shares in His death, shares in His resurrection, shares in His life, shares in His righteousness, shares in His holiness, shares in His blessings, shares in His work, shares in His glory, and will share in His life in the world to come. A believer’s condition is spectacular and perfect because of where he or she is—in Jesus.

Think about it. The one put into Christ is not alone. She is not a sinner. She is not broken. She is not poor. She is always with God. She is a new creation saint. She is whole. She is complete. She is wealthy.

Can she temporarily believe otherwise by choosing a worldly view, one outside of her true location? Yes. Will that change her location? Will that change her condition? No. It will affect her experience but it will not change her location or her condition. Deception is painful, but she cannot lose the magnificent benefits she did not earn, because she will never be removed from where she is—in Him.

If you’ve been induced to view yourself as outside of Christ and apart from the security and wealth found in Him, think again. Have another look. Did God put you into Christ through faith in the cross and resurrection or not? Did God make His “home” in you or not? Did God make you a “new creation” or not? Has He brought you to “fullness in Christ” or not? Was God successful in blessing you with “every spiritual blessing in Christ” or not? Yes or no? He thinks the answers are all “Yes!”

If you’ve received Jesus and He has received you but you don’t like what you see, consider where you’re looking to find yourself. It will affect you.

If who you think you are does not match up with who God thinks you are, think again. It’s important. Ask Him about it. One of the most important questions you’ll ever ask is, “Father, what do you think of me?” Prepare to like what you hear. He loves helping you think again, because His work with you is your starting point.

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