A great danger today is for Christians—the ones who have been made holy and blameless and new and radiant, and who are right now the happy homes of God Almighty—to read a book or listen to a speaker or pastor or leader who does not see them as they have become in Christ through the cross and resurrection, but who sees them only in the disguised and lowly appearances of this world. What they read or hear will be worldly—even if it sounds good and useful—it will be flesh to flesh. And that is a very real form of torture. It will not be of the Spirit, who gives life and who always makes free. And confusion, although cloaked in good packaging, bright lights and smiling faces, will produce frustration and disillusionment. It is inescapable.

They will have become blind to themselves, and you can’t do well if you don’t know who you are. It’s impossible. But, having accepted the lie and the torture, they will have to accept worldly ways to navigate relationships as though they see well. As though they see perfectly. They will accept worldliness as though it fits. And that is a terrible thing. They will fumble in worldliness—of course!—but act as though it’s godliness. This happens every day. A blindness comes at you all the time, and if you accept it, you’re accepting torture. Over time, you might even get used to the pain and call it normal.

If, on the other hand, that book or that speaker, pastor or leader truly sees them and is at all dazzled by the royalty they are, then they can rest confidently because what they read or hear will invigorate who they are. New creation majesty will be unveiled—even to themselves! And then they will be themselves because they will see themselves. This is how to live by faith. This is New Covenant living! In other words, “Aha! I know who I am because of Jesus and His cross and resurrection, so now I know how to live . . . By faith in Him about me.” And that is powerful.

It is then that the glory of God in the sons of God is brilliantly evident. Obvious. The sons of God will be living in this world by faith in God—and that is how the world is changed.

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