Most relationships tell a truth. Most of the relationships we’ve had over the years have sent us the message that no one wants to be around us when we’re ugly or doing ugly. You know—when we’re rude, when we’re angry or sloppy, or when we’re sick or when we’re dying. We’re not comfortable with ugly, and that’s at least somewhat understandable. Naturally, that carries over into our thinking about God: “God likes being with me only when I’m good enough to be good company.”

Fortunately, that is a terrible lie, one that He loves disproving to you. It’s perhaps the worst one when you consider that Jesus came to be with, to love and to rescue the “uglies” and the “ugliest”, many of whom remained strugglers in their version of ugly after meeting Him. Maybe you can relate to that. I can.

The truth of earthly relationships shines the light on the one that is Perfect for you. Jesus is Perfect with you—at all times, in every way. He is unrelenting, perfect love and ability for you; in every weakness, in every ugly, in every other relationship that cannot match His with you, but which in fact spotlights His with you. Every other relationship becomes an avenue for the one that is Perfect with you.

That’s the gospel, and that’s your starting point.

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