Jesus is well acquainted with failure and sin and faithlessness and betrayal and ugliness of all sorts. We know about ugliness, don’t we? Well, He knows all about it, too. Remember? He was born among us to own all of that stuff for the whole world, so you and I wouldn’t have to. He is the cure—always—and we the recipients—always. Even though we often forget that—and wring our fretful hands and point our crooked fingers—He never forgets.

While your own experience with “that stuff” will bother and hinder and challenge you (as it will me) all of your days, and you’ll face the temptation to condemn others struggling with the same—It might sound something like this: “How can he/she be so stupid/evil/bad/greedy/arrogant/hypocritical”—still Jesus is the every day cure we all need. All of us. Like it or not, we’re going to prove it. You’ll know the struggle with “that stuff” in all your days, and you’ll read about it and see it on parade day after day, year after year—maybe on CNN or FoxNews. This isn’t going away, this is the Headline News! We’re broken. We don’t work right. But always the cure is Jesus Christ, although that will not play on CNN or Fox News. That’s not going to be the cure that they offer or suggest to the sufferers.

And then the temptation is for you and for me to forget the cure, and to seek or suggest one elsewhere. Elsewhere is not only foolish, it is demonic, because it leads to the worst sin, the only one without cure—rejecting Jesus.

No matter how you are today, no matter how bad your experience, or how strongly you’re caught up in condemning others, Jesus is what you want. He is the solution—yours, mine and theirs. He is the only way forward. Anything else is something else. He may not answer all of your questions—like, “Why does everybody gotta be so screwed up?”—but He will give you life—the cure for what is not life. He is the only cure, and that’s the real issue. Right?

Jesus makes an incredibly profound yet simplistic statement in John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Well, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a whole lot of us missing “to the full”! But there is no other cure, there is no other solution than the one who offers Himself—life—not only life to get you in the door with Him, but life to the filling out, life to the full. So let’s go for that, and let’s assist others to the same. Okay?

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