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Fertilizer & Goggles:

It’s gonna get in your face. There’s no avoiding the “fertilizer” of this world, but you can get past it in a way that’s just right for you.

If God Is Moody, You’re In Trouble:

Is God moody? Can you put Him in a generous mood or make Him stingy? Can you do something to move Him close, or something to move Him away? Can you do something to get into His presence, or do something to get out of it? If you can, then you’re worried. Take 4.5 minutes to get rid of those worries.

What’s Fruit God To Do With It?:

Question: Is fruit the evidence that you’re saved, or the evidence that you’re loved? With all of the talk about “fruit,” would it surprise you to find that it has become more of a judgmental breeding ground than God intended? Take 2 minutes and see if this brief video helps.

Truth That Invigorates:

If you’re feeling worn out, there’s a wonderful and vital way to be renewed and invigorated. It’s a perfect fit for you. Have a look. (3 minutes.)

The God Who Doesn’t Pay Attention:

Do you ever make an agreement with God, but He doesn’t follow through on His end of the deal? Why might that be? There’s a really good reason for it, and you’ll be glad.

The Lie On A Scale:

Have you wondered why a scale can have such power over you? It’s important that you feel the stress of a lie, because you are set up to know God and His amazing opinion of you—it’s accurate and true.