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When we have treasure no higher than the stuff of this world, we can become nothing better than what has our value. But when we discover that our greatest treasure—God Himself—actually treasures us, our search finds its end in ultimate fulfillment. 5 minutes.


What if changing the world is easier than you think, but it has everything to do with what you think about the change God has already made? Here’s how to think and see clearly in a way that changes everything.


Think of Jesus. Imagine Him. Imagine Perfect. Now imagine yourself actually in Him. What’s life like from there?

The End Of A Wicked Heart:

Lots of us believe that we have a wicked heart, which is why we shouldn’t trust ourselves. That’s pretty bad, but is it true? Are we wicked in the heart? Take a few minutes to see what God did about your heart and why you can confidently enjoy Him from there.

The Best Self-Improvement Course:

Got 2 minutes? What’s the workout that really works for my life and that takes advantage of what God did for me? Watch this little video and see what you think.

The Power & Pain of Authenticity:

Have you got 3 minutes for Authenticity? Take a quick look at why our relationships often go screwy, and why, after knowing someone for quite some time, they turn out to be far different than we thought. They were inauthentic and you got faked out. But there is a way forward — here’s how.

What About My Old Me?:

Do you ever go a little crazy? You know, fail up a storm of ugly? You might think that there are two of you—one bad and one good. That’s a lot of trouble since you’ll have to make war on the one, while building up the other. Fortunately, the truth about you is both good news and powerful for life. Give 3 minutes to this video and be encouraged.

Your New Track Record:

Got 3 minutes? When God examines how you’ve done and when He thinks about how you’ll do, what forms His opinion? If God knows the ultimate reality, how does yours look?

Be Careful How You Motivate:

There’s a lot of junky, stress-producing motivation coming at you, stuff that frustrates and wears you out. Take 2.5 minutes to find out what’s truly motivational because it’s accurate and deeply effective.

No Easter Discount:

When Jesus died on the cross and rose again three days later, where were you? The answer to this is an invaluable aspect of God’s plan to make you a perfect fit with Himself. Have a look at this 4 minute video, and see if the death and resurrection of Jesus isn’t worth at least a little leap or shout for joy. Maybe even a big one.