One of the big difficulties worship leaders and speakers have is the temptation to work toward something great that believers can become or get during musical worship or during a message (for example, getting clean hearts, getting forgiven, getting more of the Spirit, etc.), rather than to work toward something great that’s already happened being revealed.

When we draw together with other Christians, the great opportunity, the great purpose is to be built up in Christ (Ephesians 4:16), no matter how small the group is—2 or more of you new creation creatures will do. Our purpose is not to arrive in Christ, it’s not to get better in Christ, it’s not to get a clean heart in Christ, it’s not to get more of the Spirit in Christ. That’s not even possible! You’re already there, you’re already better, you’re already in Him, you’re already TERRIFIC. You can’t get any “terrific-er”! You’re already clean and forgiven and full.

Sometimes, however, that terrific you has been covered over, veiled, even to yourself. So that’s the opportunity of getting together with other believers. “Please help me remove the veil! Help me with this awful thing!”

I encourage you to look for ways to remember your condition in Christ—to enjoy your own unveiling—and to look for ways to share in that unveiling of others. We are “the great unveilers.” That’s what we do for people. The greatest exercise there is—the one that’s most fulfilling and the one that lasts forever and has the best benefits—is participating in the great unveiling. One person here, one there, 2 or 2,000. What we’re doing, what we’re saying is, “Let me help you to know and enjoy what has already happened to you in Christ. You’ve got to know this, you got to see this, so I’m going to help you with that veil.”

I know some people won’t believe it, but you do, so wrestle with their veil. It’s a good wrestle! Point it out to them. It’s awful, and they should know how it affects them.

We are the assistants for the great unveiling, so for our conversations and our get-togethers, that’s a good starting point.

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