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Ushers In The Pain:

Are you feeling the fear and pain of this world? Do finances and End Times have you on edge? Take 5 minutes to clear your head and free your heart from the craziness that has no place with you.

Remember Your Eyes:

Got 1 minute? With all of the information and opinion bombarding you every day, here’s a quick refresher that will help bring you back to health and sanity.

The Judgment Doctors:

Judgment Doctors are people who come to you in personal judgmentalness dressed up as caring concern, and who offer you an olive branch that you will discover is actually a knife. They are the doctors, and you are the patient. However, they care less about who you actually are than about what bothers them. They have gone blind and want to share their blindness with you. Here’s what you can do about it.

Recognizing the Perfect Work of God:

Oftentimes the first thing you hear in a sermon is the most revealing. If it isn’t about the perfect work of God, beware, because what follows may well be a twisted burden aimed at you.

A Devastating Cover-Up:

What happens if we don’t believe we’re reconciled to God when we actually are? It’s devastating. No kidding. But there’s hope.

Direction, Rejection & Torture:

Got 3 minutes? Here’s the question: What is the relationship between God-given direction and the role that rejection and torture play in it?

Rescuing Temporary Lunatics:

Got 4.5 minutes? Have you ever yelled at a crazy person, and then felt foolish when it didn’t work? After all, volume means nothing with the crazies! Have a quick look at what the apostle Paul did with crazies, and see if it might help you with your local lunatics—including yourself.

Jesus’ Rollercoaster:

Is your life filled with ups and downs, crazy events and emotional peaks and valleys? Give 3 minutes to this fun little video and see if you don’t feel better about the whole thing.

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